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The Value of Brand Strategy

Everyday people are throwing the words strategy, identity, and brand around the conference room but how many in the room actually know the importance of them especially in business?

Who we are is not the same thing as what we do. Your logo, website, business name are all fantastic elements of your business but they do not define who you are as an organization. Seth Godin defines a brand as a set of “expectations, memories, stories and relationships” that in combination drive the decision to choose a particular company, product or service. Your brand strategy should be connecting the core of your business to the needs of your audience to ultimately reach your business goals. Think about some of the brands you are loyal to and why? What is it that they provide you? Does your business or product do the same?

Businesses that last are built on strong customer relationships as well as positive brand perception. The perception people have of your business or product is largely impacted by the design, experience and the value provided. As a business you need to know how your audience feels about you and what they are saying. If you are not listening you are missing opportunities ...every time. Companies that monitor brand perception will gain a valuable stream of insights from the people who have the greatest impact on their success: their customers.

How can you figure out what people are saying about your business? Contact Center Stage Consulting today!

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